Meet Your New Friend: WowWee MiP Balancing Robot with 15% at Value Basket

Gift your kid an endless opportunity from Value Basket to imagine and be innovative with WowWee MiP Balancing Robot. Perched atop unique dual wheels, this multifunctional and autonomous robot is more than just a toy, which will light up your eyes with things it can do.

features-gestureFeatured with GestureSense technology, WowWee MiP Balancing Robot makes your kids play games and do more innovative things. Equipped with extremely easy controls, the WowWee MiP Balancing Robot can be used with the iOS of Android app and can be driven wherever you wish.

features-balanceWhile MiP balances on two wheels, you can play the ultimate version of follow the leader and watch MiP track your hand or leg wherever you choose to explore.

features-persWith the help of programming up to 50 hand swipes in a row, you can make WowWee MiP Balancing Robot Dance, Roam, Track, Drive, Stack, or battle with similar toy with your friends.

features-funIt’s time for you to make sure your kid win some praise with his new buddy. Value Basket offers flat 15% discount on this new tech innovation for kids, which not only meant for fun but, for fathoming the future.