Call it Your Personal Chef: Lazada offers Delibot Smart Cooking Robot at 50% Discount

In 2015, all we look for is an astute time management machine, which can ensure adequate time division between home and work. Although, we are yet to create one such machine, Lazada has introduced a robotic coing device from Delibot with 50% discount to ensure you save ample time whilst cooking to play with the kids or watch a movie with a hubby.Copy of delibot-smart-chef-cooking-robot-black-8387-3765951-1-zoomCooking fine dishes is a forte of Delibot Smart Chef/Cooking Robot. Whatever be your choice, an oriental dish or a western one, this smart robotic cooking device cook every dish just right every time; even with different cooking styles like stir fry, deep fry, steam, stew or braise. You can call it your personal chef.

Delibot Smart Chef/Cooking Robot is designed to preserve all the nutrients of the cooking ingredients. It takes no time for this smart robot to cook your favorite dishes for busy person like you and avail you a time to spend with family together.Slide3Features
Cook Like an Iron Chef
Microcomputer controlled special cooking programs emulate delicate touch of a gourmet chef. Delibot is a 3-dimensional heating system with constant fresh air supply design ensure the cooked food remains fresh and tasty.
No Oils, No Fumes
Patented KSD temperature control technology prevents Delibot from emanating any fumes, and a see through top cover ensures optimum cooking that greatly reduces the use of cooking oil.Slide4Easy to Operate
Simply put in all ingredients, select your desired cooking method and let Delibot do all the cooking. Food-graded non-Teflon-coated inner pot and upper heater guide makes cleaning a breeze.
Save Time and Electricity
Normal dishes take only 3 minutes to be ready. Double-layer hollow pot design helps to achieve the best heating effect consistently thereby conserving electricity.
Safe and Secure
deliBot comes with automatic protection against overheating, over voltage, overflow and even automatic power-off for maximum safety. It also complies with European CE and RoHS safety and quality standards.

Waste no time, as Lazada has introduced a 50% discount offer for a limited period. Give yourself a chance to live a healthy life and love your family without compromising on work.