A New Cleaning Mantra: iROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner w/ Auto Charge

There is nothing unusual in being lazy on weekends after hectic work throughout the week. But, can you do away with the cleaning? An usual being in Malaysia would reply negatively. But, SupaRobots says, yes youcan.b0cd5e51-c605-4be5-8004-c5c7ef7590d3With iROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner you can cleanse each and every corner of the home without even moving out of your bed. If there’s something this little elegant robotic piece can’t do for you is house chores; else, it is designed to clean your home automatically. It’s a one-of-a-kind vacuum cleaner that helps clean your floor automatically without supervision, but you can also use the remote control to operate it in different directions. Curious already?

7b59a20d-18de-42c7-93fc-79423d75a2a4Automatic Cleaning: The iROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a mopping towel at the bottom of its base so it can mop and vacuum your floor at the same time. It emits low noise during operation, and has three different cleaning modes for you to cater according to your needs; along the wall, straight line and spiral mode.

Non-Collision Bumpers: For safety precautions this smart robotic device is incorporated with fully infrared sensors. This prevents the vacuum cleaner from colliding into furniture and wall surfaces, and also avoids the robot from falling down the staircase. The infrared sensor at the bumper-head redirects it’s route before 1 to 2 centimeters from the collision.

20150201_072113Automatic Charging: This vacuum cleaner doesn’t only clean the floor automatically; it also recharges itself in the same manner. When the battery is about to finish, the iROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner will automatically seek the charging base plate. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge this incredible cleaning tool. The charging base plate also has up to 7 days cleaning time setting feature. A Virtual space divider helps it mark out cleaning areas.

Daily Scheduling Function: you can pre-set to let the robot cleans the house according to your schedule, even when you are not at home. Auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode and scheduling cleaning mode will take perfect care of each corner. Equipped with Intelligent dust detection and spot cleaning system, iROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner; when finds lots of dust it automatically changes cleansing modes.174e8fdd-1029-4566-a889-6abdc2959c66