GoRobot D1 Vacuum Cleaner: A New Cleaning Normal by Groupon

Normally, a man can do away with the cleaning regardless of him being married and certainly if he is a bachelor, but it is rare to find a lady letting things go about cleaning at her place. Despite earnestness, there are places in the home where dust accumulated against your wish and without your knowledge.


If you want to deploy someone, who can help you identify such dirty corners of your home and clean them without putting you into the task, bring home GoRobot D1 Vacuum Cleaner to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in your home. The only thing this little cutie won’t do for you is cooking; else, there is nothing this robotic device can’t do.


GoRobot D1 Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with sensor technology to identify even the deepest corners of your home where the dust has stored and is featured with sharp yet adequate moping device to bring all the dust out of remote corners. It also takes care of noise pollution by keeping the noise down to less than 55 decibels.


It won’t bother you for charging, as it knows how to charge the self when the battery runs low. Equipped with infrared fall-prevention and block system, GoRobot D1 Vacuum Cleaner does not enter into the restricted area, neither it falls from the edges. The soft-touch and non-collision obstacle detection prevents GoRobot D1 Vacuum Cleaner from colliding with furniture or other delicate articles in the home.