Indulge in Extreme Fun with Lego NinjaCopter: 15% OFF at Rakuten

The Generation Next will always be advanced compared to previous generation; especially the kids. Today’s kids can’t satisfy their need to know the real world by being good baby; they need to be rough and tough when it requires. Give your kid a chance to communicate with hi-tech toys and encourage their craving with some real stuff.70724NinjaCopterNinjaCopter designed by Lego is one such piece of excellence. It is designed to improve the presence of mind and reflect on the situation in quick seconds. Your kid will be mesmerized by its efficiency and would love to indulge into virtual thrilling battle is raging above New Ninjago City as the conflict for the Techno-Blades reach new heights. Battle-scarred Zane, with his half-robot/half-Ninja face, uses Pixal to its perfection in the NinjaCopter to outwit the attacking Nindroids. All your kid need to do is to give a spin to the propellers and rear jet engines will soar into action.tumblr_mvomngnrF21rir6lho3_12804 minifigures with weapons, NinjaCopter fires the front flick missiles and rotating shooting cannons to evade the spinning saw blades of the Nindroid jet fighter. NinjaCopter features hi-tech cockpit, rotating propellers for take-off and flight mode, rotating rear jet engines, air-intake engines, adjustable landing flaps, front flick missiles, front lasers, rotating shooting cannons, prison cell, gold elements and top flick missiles.1181e4a8c3005056b743c0Nindroid jet fighter features adjustable cockpit, spinning saw blades and a detachable glider. NinjaCopter also includes Zane’s falcon, new and exclusive to this set. Let your kid capture the Nindroid in the prison cell and win the battle every time he indulges in the fun.