Complete the Cleansing with Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot: Only RM 1799 at Lazada Malaysia

It’s absolutely fine that you don’t want to give away the privacy of your place to neighbors, but that does not at all mean you keep your window glasses dirty and crummy. For privacy, you should better use the curtains, and for laziness, you should bring the smart robotic device known as Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot.
This tiny but smart robotic device is designed to provide your perfect cleaning experience without even you getting disturbed. Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot does not need a counterpart on the opposite side of the window pane. Instead of using magnets, it uses vacuum to stay on the vertical surface.
The robot touches the window with two rotating cleaning disks. When standing still; both disks create vacuum power and suck the robot onto the surface. When moving and cleaning, one disk stays still and slowly rotates the body around, while the other disk spins to clean the area around the fixed disk. When done, they switch and go to the next segment of the window. Using this movement technique the robot crawls and cleans the entire window.
Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot is specially designed for thick glass, but it can work on glass of any thickness. Because of its single-side design,  Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot can clean any thickness window, double-glass window, show window, store window, and so on.

Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot has powerful processors to compute the cleaning path, to detect the edges of the window by sensors, to clean the entire window automatically. It works in both horizontal and vertical position. The auto mode can guarantee the entire window surface by using edge detection algorithm with the proprietary computer assisted route planning logic.
Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot remains on the window through a powerful suction motor, while both the cleaning wheels with microfiber cloths rotate to clean the glass window.
Convenient and ECO-Friendly. The HOBOT adopts micro-fiber based cloth to be easily swapped for wash and reuse.
Microfiber cloths
Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot has two specially designed cleaning wheels with big microfiber cleaning cloths that can freely traverse on the window surface. The easy, replaceable microfiber cloth is used on both of the cleaning wheels. The microfiber based cloth is used for efficient glass cleaning.

Remote Controlled
Hobot Glass Window Cleaning Robot has 3 kinds of AUTO modes can be selected by remote controller. Manual Mode is also provided. An embedded UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) is provided for additional Safety. System power switches to internal battery when there is no electric power supply available.