Digilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner: A smart Way to Cleanlier Home with 68% Discount

Had your home been a movie set of a science fiction, robots would have attempted an outright attack on us humans to finish us off. However, in real life, robots have affirmative attitude towards humans and have positive influence on our day-to-day life. Digilife-4-1000x600There is no way around it; housework is must for every one of us. Aside from the regular dishes, laundry and straightening we do, we need a time for deeper cleaning, like vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. At the end of the day, we are hardly left with energy to be occupied with such stuff. There comes this robot with their unparalleled efficiency. Digilife-5-1000x600The Digilife designed Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the current king of the robotic vacuums. It certainly does not look like vacuum. The puck-shaped disc is as good size as of a car’s steering wheel and a height of coffee mug. With a big central “clean” power button”, and other buttons, which plays vital role in setting the clock, schedule cleaning, and mode shifting, this little robotic device gives you an environment many would lament for not having.
Digilife-6-1000x600Programming the Digilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner for schedule cleansing is extremely easy. Select the day and time, and sit back on your couch watching this little monster taking the fight to the dust. Digilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner not only replaces your upright vacuum cleaner or mop, but also helps maintain a cleaner home.
1436518118454Digilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner ensures that it wins the battle with the dust each time, literally. Laced with auto-detect sensors, this little robotic device protects it from stairs and other drop-offs and ensures no collision with delicate fixtures in the home.

Equipped with two brushes as well as mopping pad, the Digilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not only such the dust, but also mops the remotest corners to ensure no germ ever can reach to you. It has an automated charging system and it can work without charging for at least 3 to 4 hours.

What are you waiting for? Digilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available on Groupon with 68% discount for a short time. Get it now and get your clean to win the envious look of your neighbors.