V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Enhance the Hygiene Levels to the Top with 35% Discount

It is hard to find a Singapore home uncleaned. A strict discipline of public behavior woven well in the culture of Singapore spreads enough awareness about cleanliness. However, the age-old practices of manual cleaning do not complement the city-state that is progressing with leap and bounces. SupaRobots provides this amazing opportunity to lead Singaporeans towards smart cleaning. Ld-1000x600Smart cleaning is about two things, effortless cleaning and thorough cleaning. Effortless means you need not to move out of your bed on a lazy weekend and thorough cleaning means even the remotest corner of the home are cleaned completely. V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner does the same.oa-700x420This robotic device is designed to provide you a cleaning experience that enhance the hygiene levels and keep the entire environment fresh and healthy. V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a little but extremely efficient robotic device that spares no dust-ridden corners of your home or office. It senses the dust on its own and moves swiftly to suck all the dust from crappy corners. uN-700x420V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers one-touch automatic vacuuming and sweeping with unique claw brush designed to sweep dust. Known for its intelligent dust detection, V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with auto cleaning mode, and multi-sensor function with speed regulation for thorough cleaning.    yk-700x420Whatever type of flooring you may have; tile, marble, carpet, and wood, V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner; laced with anti-fall sensor protects device from drops. Equipped with height detection sensors, V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s suction adjustment cleans through different floor heights.

Therefore, be a smart Singaporean and bring home the unique robotic device that enhances environment to the highest level and makes your home look good when guests arrive. For a very short time, V.Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available with 35% discount at Groupon. Grab it now.