Match Every Mischievous Move of Your Kids with RC Robotkid: 50% discount at Rakuten

Childhood gets its signature definition with the concept of toys. Let us time travel. Go back to your childhood. What are your most beautiful memories? Hours and hours of imaginary fights with your figurines, beautifying your dollhouses, car races, playing roles of doctor, engineer, businessman or teacher; all in a span of two hours with the wonderful kits.Robokid (7)

Now is the time to give the gift of memories for life to your kids. SupaRobot introduces a fascinating gift for your kid that will play a role of catalyst during the growing years. Radio Remote Controlled Robotkid is one such mischievous toy that matches every little mischief your superstar has in mind.

Robokid (2)This remote controlled robot that stands over 30cm high and eats very less batteries during his body moments from left to right or vice versa. Made of the mixture of harmless plastic and metal, Radio Remote Controled Robotkid has been tested to perform various maneuvers for longer.


Radio Remote Controlled Robotkid has his eyes light up, and it is equipped with lot many movements to give your kids an endless entertainment. Talk to Radio Remote Controlled Robotkid for command and it will aim and fire soft foam disks from mouth to melt any enemy to the dust.

Robokid (4)Nope, this little master craft is not violent, but happy go lucky guy. This little robotic toy dances for you and sings songs for your kids. Switch it on and press the red button on its tummy to see it is demonstrating various sound functions.

Robokid (3)Thoroughly controlled by the radio remote control, this cute and entertaining robot has four modes; the dancing, shooting, fight as well as program mode. While in a program mode, you can choose any or all of 12 actions for the robot to perform.

SupaRobot offers this awesome opportunity to you fulfill the action-packed dreams of your kids with a giant robotic toy that keep your baby busy for endless fun and bring a precious smile every time robot takes action. For your kid to have fun and impress his or her friends, Rakuten reduces the price by half offering 50% discount.