A Perfect Reason to Relax: Thomson Vacuum Robot with 56% Discount at Groupon Hong Kong

Can you imagine that the cleanliness in the home becomes one of the prime reasons for a fight between husband and wife? But it is obvious when a husband doesn’t have a time to take an old and dated vacuum cleaner to the repairing shop and wife constantly nags on the issue of cleanliness and unavailability of an advanced vacuum cleaner.TVR (6)Why spend precious pennies on repairing, when you can buy a brand new, technologically superior robotic vacuum cleaner? At merely HKD998 with flat 56% discount, Groupon introduced the latest invention by the world’s one of the most recognized brands; Thomson, a Thomson Vacuum Robot.TVR (5)Give yourself a respite from the constant nagging and give your wife a reason to smile and keep home and environment completely clean and hygienic. Thomson Vacuum Robot is one of it’s own kind that redefines the effective cleaning in no two words. Built using advanced cleaning technology and designed with the contemporary look, Thomson Vacuum Robot does what it is meant for; complete cleaning.TVR (4)The fascinating part of having this little robotic monster for the dirt is it doesn’t seek your continuous attention while it cleans even the remotest corners of your home. Fully automatic Thomson Vacuum Robot is a one touch equipment, which is automatically programmed to pick the dirt, mile the area and cleanse the areas deeply.TVR (3)Uniquely designed with automatic vacuuming and sweeping movements with a unique claw brush, Thomson Vacuum Robot sweeps diets in one corner and sucks before mopping the areas. This little robotic invention has Anti-drop functions, which prevents it from falling off the stairs or table.TVR (2)Electronic eye based auto-detection system drives this robot in a direction where the dust and dirt have accumulated. With auto forward and backward movements, Thomson Vacuum Robot provide thorough cleaning for every inch of the flooring.TVR (1)Suitable for any type of floors, Thomson Vacuum Robot is laced with Multi-sensor with intelligent speed regulation and obstacle avoidance technology to ensure no untoward incident while cleaning. Moreover, it charges itself automatically when the battery drains. Take a deep breath and sit back on your sofa seeing this little robotic vacuum cleaner, eliminating the elements of the dust in no time and gives you a clean and fresh home.