Protect your Baby with a Proven Blessing: Cabbie 2 Active Baby Stroller Robot at just $199

For a woman, her world shrinks into a baby as soon as she becomes a mother. Nothing; not even a gold mine holds any importance for a mother other than her newborn. More than anything else, the security of a baby becomes a focal point of her existence. As baby grows, baby’s contact with the external world becomes inevitable, which makes the mother more conscious about the safety of the kid.LuckyBaby-516133-1_1 (1)Leave all your worries behind as Lucky Baby absorbs all your worries related to the safety of your baby by offering robotic stroller to ensure safety and security do not get compromised while a baby start taking steps towards the real world. With Cabbie 2 Active Baby Stroller Robot, Lucky Baby ensures that every inch covered by your baby remains safe and secure.LuckyBaby-516133-4_1Lucky Baby is a proven blessing for mothers in Singapore. A local Singaporean brand has earned fame for offering impeccable solutions for mother and baby, that play a critical role in the upbringing of the child. Cabbie 2 Active Baby Stroller Robot is a real innovative stroller. With a 5 point safety harness features and Auto lock system, this cute robotic creation takes a perfect care, while her mother carries her for a morning walk or to the supermarket for shopping.LuckyBaby-516133-7_1Lucky Baby has designed this robot stroller; keeping in mind the growing years of the baby and comfort mother should have while raising her child. The Cabbie 2 Active Baby Stroller Robot features Extendable Canopy, adjustable leg rest, and multi-recline. It is designed to offer a perfect cushion to the baby with seat cushion made of a hygienic material.LuckyBaby-516133-4_1Back wheel with a stopper ensures stroller does not get started rolling on its own and does not collide with railings, fences or any other object around the baby. Accessories pocket carries all the things that a baby requires, which offers additional comfort to the mother. Equipped with micro cool fabrics, a comfortable seat, and a canopy shade, Cabbie 2 Active Baby Stroller Robot is designed to offer maximum comfort to the child.LuckyBaby-516133-5_1Bring home this blessing designed by Lucy Baby and give your baby a free run with the perfect security. Lazada delivers this fascinating robotic stroller to your home with an eye-catching price of SGD199 only. So let your baby stroll around and have fun.