Increase Fun and Induce Knowledge with My Shop Robosaur RC Robot

Don’t you love coming across new finds for your kids; especially when they are super cute, cool and fit well in the budget? Of course, who would not wish to see their kids grow up compatible! Nothing probably, is more important for parents than filling a baby’s room with intelligent toys that not only provide fun and entertainment, but also play a crucial role in enhancing the knowledge and help increase the creativity of the kid. SUPER BIG !! 32 INCH long  ROBOSAUR TT320 RC ROBOT  0For all that you demand in a toy; fun entertainment, creativity and knowledge, SupaRobots introduces a brand new robotic device that will mesmerize a growing child to the core and make him indulge in endless fun. Tell a story of a Jurassic Park and introduce your kids to Robosaur RC Robot.fc2cce83-61c4-411f-b9b9-f49b9694d4e2Although virtually, for a moment they will find Dinosaurs roaming the earth and around him. The 32″ long Roboraptor is an advanced fusion of technology and wild individuality. Advanced artificial intelligence personality, realistic biomorphic motions, direct controls and autonomous behaviors, your kids will enliven one of the most dangerous era on the earth. eb04ff9f-6a09-412b-addb-bff3edc92eb2A 2 legged bio-mechanical design is a super interactive robotic piece that playfully and instinctively interests with the environment, humans and other robots devises. The Robosaur is equipped with the touch sensing on tail, chin and mouth as well as stereo sound sensing. Infrared vision sensing and A.I mood system helps your kid maneuver the Robosaur for hunting, being cautious and playful.9018d47c-251b-4134-b166-1e124f0a1d53It is designed with a Powerful jaws that ensures kid indulge in  play pulling games. With a Laser tracking technology and Obstacle avoidance intelligent system, your super-kid will fire a salvo at the enemies and protect the self from any kind of attack. 023b1203-2810-46ed-a243-b72ae8f6147bGive your kids a glimpse of the most fearsome era on the earth and increase their knowledge about the real world. Besides, Robosaur will help your kid in heightening the imagination to be practical at the critical time and simultaneously will keep a kid indulge into endless fun. The master robotic craft is available at Rakuten with 5% discount. So hurry a little.