Link Entertainment with Education: Solar Energy Robot Child Toy at Lazada with 92% Saving

We are living in the era in which parents cannot afford to commit a mistake of delinking fun and entertainment with the learning for their kids. Highly innovative and extremely creative means have become a perfect medium of entertainment and education together. Technologically advanced and thoroughly practical toys have replaced our old school system for the kids of today’s generation. blue-lans-6-in-1-educational-learning-solar-energy-robot-child-toy-export-6574-226818-1-zoomWalking in tandem with the era of robotic technology, we; SupaRobots, are introducing highly innovative and extremely practical toy for your kid, which not only keep him occupied to let you do your own stuff, but will make him indulge in fun and entertainment. More importantly, your kid will learn new things and will shape his own idea of the world. blue-lans-6-in-1-educational-learning-solar-energy-robot-child-toy-export-6574-226818-2-zoomIn the series of educational toys, Lazada has introduced Educational Learning Solar Energy Robot Child Toy. The toy is designed with a two purpose. It gives ample opportunity to your kid to sharpen his or her imagination efficiency and on the other hand imparts the knowledge of solar energy and its importance and why saving energy is critical for the human race. blue-lans-6-in-1-educational-learning-solar-energy-robot-child-toy-export-6575-226818-3-zoomMade of highly durable and harmless PC/ABS material, Blue lans Educational Learning Solar Energy Robot enables your kid to develop and express their interest in science and engineering at a very early stage. Consisted of six different modules including Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, and Solar Car, this cute little robotic toy empowers the kid’s brain and teaches them the benefits of the solar energy and energy conversion. blue-lans-6-in-1-educational-learning-solar-energy-robot-child-toy-export-6576-226818-4-zoomThe most important part is the cost of this fascinating robotic toy. Offering a 92% discount on this educational toy, Lazada brings this toy home in just SDG 7.20. Hurray…it’s time to make a hurry. Go, grab it or even gift it at this price.