Save Energy; Protect Pillow Talk with Robot Eyeshield Night Lamp: 43% OFF at Lazada

The world is in the desperate need of saving energy; not only for the future generation, but also for the generation of our own. Another issue demands the same attention that is to protect the pillow talks in the bedroom. To tackle both the problem efficiently, Lazada Malaysia has introduced energy-saving robotic night lamp designed and developed by Think Geek.001_Novelty-light-Smart-Wall-E-robot-l_0012Specifically designed for the special purpose during the nighttime, Robot Eyeshield Night Lamp is made of Taiwan Chimei ABS material that is highly durable and targets lights in a particular direction. Highly effective in conserving the energy, this Robot Eyeshield Night Lamp offers very soothing lights and does not flash it into your eyes.
th_Novelty-light-Smart-Wall-E-robot-le_0001It enables one of the bedroom partners to work or read while another can have comfortable sleep without lights poking into eyes. Robot Eyeshield Night Lamp is designed with the light controlling system, which starts voice control mode automatically and let you control glare of the night lamp with voice command.rBVaGlYPjKyAadohAADrpHbwsX8751Equipped with acoustic optical made two induction functions; this cute and little, but highly efficient robotic lamp functions almost automatically according to your mood. It neither catches the heat of the electricity nor harms the eyes in the dark. Multifunctional Robot Eyeshield Night Lamp can be used as a night lamp, reading lamp or table lamp.005_Novelty-light-Smart-Wall-E-robot-l_0017Therefore, here you have change for romantic pillow talks in an artificially built romantic environment, while controlling the electricity consumption. Lighten up your home with tiny robotic angels and save as great as 43% through online shopping at Lazada. th_Novelty-light-Smart-Wall-E-robot-le_0001