For an Ideal Mother and Smart Wife: Robot Kits Juicer with 36% Discount at Lazada Malaysia

Confronting one of the paradoxes narrated in the book The Three Paradoxes: Working Women in Singapore? Amidst straddling between home and the office, fulfilling the demands of the family is a daunting, sometimes; an impossible task. No matter how great multi-tasker you are, getting things done in the kitchen in the most hygienic and nutritious fashion is next to impossible without the support of technologically advanced devices. 5

However, SupaRobots makes your task far easier than daunting with Robot Kits Juicer. Now, you won’t get your hands dirty, kitchen platform littered and part of juicer broken, Since Zalora introduces the smart and compact robotic device from Robot Kits to help you fruits process faster and perfectly to offer a very healthy snack-time options for your kids and hubby. 2

You will fall in love with the Juicer designed by Robot Kits in the first sight. The more you will use, the more you will adore it for making life easier for you. Made of a durable and heat-proof material, this little robotic device is built to last for a long time. The Robot Kits Juicer comes with many attachments to enable you to do multiple things, such as juice, jams, jellies, sorbets and soups.

3The best part about this efficient robot is it stimulates the Chinese traditional stone mill and crushes and squeezes the fruits and vegetables instead of shredding them. Thanks to the   traditional Chinese process, the Robot Kits Juicer maximizes the amount of nutrients extracted and preserves greater amount of fiber in the juice.

4Each of the small attachments allows this robotic device to turn into a mini appliance in  itself and enables to process various food processing tasks quickly and efficiently to help you save time and nutritious elements of the raw food. It has a heavy-duty juice extractor basket and a unique paddle to ensure you don’t leave much of trash behind and washing the device remain an easy affair. 1

Lazada Malaysia brings this fascinating robotic juicer from Robot Kits for just RM 69.90; with 36% discount. Make sure you bring this burden buster home immediately and become an ideal mother and smart wife.