Set the New Cleansing Standards with LG Robot Dual Eye Vacuum Cleaner: 39% OFF at Rakuten

Charity begins at home, isn’t it? While we, the global citizens, are often discussing about the climate change and cleaning our polluting acts, we forget the some of the corners of our home are gathering dust and we are absolutely ignorant about it. You may not be at the fault for your traditional cleaner not doing enough, but there is no harm in becoming a smart, is there?6So, here; you have an opportunity to be a smart and get something even smarter that not only clean your home thoroughly, but also takes perfect care of highest hygiene level. For SupaRobots introduces Robot Dual Eye Vacuum Cleaner from world’s one of the most regarded brands; LG. 2Don’t think about the size, this compact in design yet Herculean in efficiency; robotic vacuum cleaner is a corner master. It senses the dust in the remotest corner of the home and eliminates the last dust particle with the unique attachment called pet brush. Laced with 5 various cleansing mode, including Smart Turbo Mode, LG Robot Dual Eye Vacuum Cleaner brings effective cleansing regimen. 3Designed with a new generation II_SLAM camera technology, this powerful robotic device performs smart and precise cleaning even in the dark. It continuously takes and compares images with the dual eyes to generate mapping information and get the sense of distance and obstacle between the self and the dust.5Such an advanced in robotic maneuvers, using its mapping resume function, LG Robot Dual Eye Vacuum Cleaner returns to its prior position for repeated cleaning even after manually moved elsewhere. Equipped with multiple sensors, this smart robot efficiently avoids any kind of collision with the objects, including transparent ones. 4LG has taken care of the noise pollution as well. The Robot Dual Eye Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t generate heavy noise while cleaning. Top of all, you need to keep an eye on this robotic devise as, it is equipped with smart schedule programming. You can always guide the devise using voice command. It is also equipped with a self-diagnosis system for thorough cleaning. 1Long lasting battery life and automatic charging makes this cute little monster the adorable one. Compared to robotic vacuum cleaners that have a sliding dustbin at the back of the unit, the lift-from-the-top dust bin of the Roboking Square minimizes residual dust in the bin slot.

Still, you want to discuss global warming and climate change before cleansing your home or you wish to do both simultaneously? The later is the better option, isn’t it? So, bring home this smart and finest robotic vacuum cleaner and save as great as 39%. LG Robot Dual Eye Vacuum Cleaner is available with heavy discount at Rakuten Singapore only.