Build a Healthy Home with iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner: 60% OFF at Groupon Hong Kong

If we won’t wake up today, it will be too late for the mankind to survive through the epidemics and endemics. We have been spoiling mother nature like never before with a range of pollutions. Simple things can do a lot of good not only in our home, but also the entire word, although it has to start from our homes. Therefore, Suparobots introduces the mantra of smart cleaning, which keeps all germs away from the home and helps maintain the highest hygiene standards. When the matter is as serious as cleansing, none matches the needs better than iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Groupon comes up with the early bird promotion offering 60% discount for the fascinating and effective cleaning product, which is worth around S$4000. The latest and highly technologically advanced, iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the most competent robotic device till date for thorough and smart cleaning. This uniquely designed robot has a compact and slim design, but has an ability to master the task of cleaning like no other can do. Built using advanced cleaning technology and designed with the contemporary look, iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner does exact things that your wife at home love and appreciate. An unmatched instrument for complete cleaning, iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with advanced level of know-hows and cutting-edge sensors to provide you cleaning you have always desired. The fascinating part of having this little robotic monster for the dirt is it doesn’t seek your continuous attention while it cleans even the remotest corners of your home. Fully automatic iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a one touch equipment, which is automatically programmed to pick the dirt, mile the area and cleanse the areas deeply.Laced with mopping device, iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner sweeps diets in one corner and sucks before mopping the areas. Equipped with auto detection and Anti-drop technology, this little robotic giant finds dirty areas on its own and doesn’t collide with precious articles of the home during the cleaning movements, neither it falls from the table of stairs. Suitable for any type of floors, iLife Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner is laced with Multi-sensor with intelligent speed regulation and obstacle avoidance technology to ensure no untoward incident while cleaning. Moreover, it charges itself automatically when the battery drains. Take a deep breath and sit back on your sofa seeing this little robotic vacuum cleaner, eliminating the elements of the dust in no time and gives you a clean and fresh home.