RingBo Riding Robot to Provide Your Kids With Free Wings: 45% OFF at Qoo10 Singapore

The last few years of the 20th century saw a lot of enthusiasm about the robotic century, but the first decade has been the disappointment. Because of that, if you are losing your heart, hold on to it tightly; because, Suparobots introduces the most fascinating and designed with state-of-the-art technology robotic device for your kids to experience the world on their own feet.RingBo (3)

RingBo Riding Robot is highly innovative and thoroughly magical creation of the Korean robot tech giant, RingBo. Now your 5-years young baby can take a ride of her choice without really falling off anything or colliding with anything.RingBo (1)

Traditional riding toys were always difficult to ride due to their wide rotation radiuses, But RingBo alters the whole experience offering individual left and right operation method that ensures smooth drive and free movement even in the small area of the living room or bedroom. The world’s first intelligent riding robot can easily be operated using the joystick.RingBo (2)

RingBo Riding Robot is laced with pedal operating technology to ensure the baby remains stable on the toy and does not fall off. This cute, but robust robotic device is equipped with various sensors and voice alert system to avoid crash and bumps.RingBo (5)

First riding robot of its own kind, RingBo Riding Robot automatically controls the speed and directions with the help of an infrared rays sensor to avoid any collision with the walls or any other article. Top of all, given the Robotic nature, you don’t need to pay continuous attention to your baby.RingBo (4)

Thoroughly amusing and extremely entertaining RingBo Riding Robot is; despite being the latest innovation, available with 45% discount at Qoo10 Singapore. Provide your kids free wings with this fabulous riding toy and let them measure their world on their own.