Take Cleaning to the New Level with Vileda Virobi Robotic Mop Pad: 22% OFF at Lazada Malaysia

All of us abhor the dirt and would not prefer to live in an area that is filthy and messy. Even those who live in such areas would not have, had they had options. But, the operative question is, do you have a home that is thoroughly clean and spotless. You may claim to have but, Vileda designed Virobi Robotic Mop Pad will not only prove you wrong but will ensure your home gets rid of even the smallest particle of the dust.Vileda (1)

All of us really emphasize on complete cleaning, but hardly get the home completely cleaned due to unavailability of highly sophisticated and technologically advanced cleaning devices. Vileda aspires to change the discourse about cleaning offering this fascinating robotic device that do not spare the remotest corner of the home.Vileda (2)

Equipped with the autonomous navigation system, Vileda Virobi Robotic Mop Pad it collects and retains dust and hair on an electrostatic disposable pad totally by itself. This efficient robot is designed with the flexible base to ensure it gets into the deepest corner and the thinnest gaps to eliminate the dirt.Vileda (3)

Vileda Virobi Robotic Mop Pad has disposable cleaning pad, which is electrostatic in nature that retains dust for the longest time and let you dispose of the cloth attached to it for the complete cleaning. Whatever be your floor type, this tiny but tough robot has the perfect answer to the dust and it is suitable for tiles, parquet, marble and laminated floors.Vileda (1)

Extremely efficient and highly innovative robotic cleaner is available at Lazada with 22% discount for the short time. Bring this fascinating robot home and secure your home from all kinds of germs and dirt.