Adapt to the Way of Smart Traveling with iGoboard Smart Robot Scooter: 81% OFF at Qoo10

The old school sees the contradiction and confrontation between simplicity and smartness, but in reality; smart inventions of technology age has been complimenting the simplicity in living the valuable life. SupaRobots introducing one such tech invention that has rocked the old schools thoughts and have brought the paradigm shift in a way we commute. 61qSNyzun6L._SL1200_iGoboard designed and produced Smart Robot Scooter is making inroads in the way traditional commuting for short distance was perceived. This revolutionary robotic device provides a smart way of covering a short distance, in the homes, offices, hotels, universities or on sideways within the localities. bc9a4d80-d3ad-439b-b086-d2a5f9ae7f0aHighly flexible and light in weight, iGoboard Smart Robot Scooter offers extremely easy operating procedures. It hardly takes ten minutes to learn the various maneuvers offered by this fascinating robot. This self-balancing robot scooter is equipped Ultra silent Twin-charged 350W motor to offer you unstoppable ride. 85858b85-5b3f-4119-845b-78466436068fiGoboard Smart Robot Scooter sets you free from worries of fuel expenses by riding you around 20 kms at a go. Place your foot on and in no time, you will become addicted to the fun rides enabled by this fascinating robot. Easy to keep and maintain, this robot doesn’t cost much in maintenance. HTB1d.syIFXXXXXzXXXXq6xXFXXX1For a very short time, Qoo10 has slashed the price by 81% for iGoboard Smart Robot Scooter for everyone to adapt to intelligent travelling. Price of this fabulous invention is set to fire as more and more people are adopting the way of smart, pollution-free and environment friendly traveling. Go, get the one for you before other label you as late-comer.