Be a True Better Half Gifting Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: 48% OFF at Lazada Malaysia

full_vc3000_main1Do not know who said it, but said wisely that if you want to live happily ever after the marriage, keep your wife always in a good mood. Especially when the festive season has just begun, you don’t wish to spoil the mood of your wife on the Christmas eve and on the New Year’s eve. The only way to keep the lady of the home happy is to fulfill their demand with a Christmas gift.

aztech-vc2000-smart-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-9421-58194-1-zoomDon’t spend much time in thinking what would she prefer as a gift. Let us, at SupaRobots, make the choice easy and obvious. Had you paid an attention to things close to her heart, you would have definitely opted for Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner much before. Since, nothing can ever be more important, no matter how sophisticated a woman is than her home, which is more or less her identity.

Don’t as why Aztech. Simply because, it is Singapore’s own global brand that has set the new standards of hygiene and cleanliness through its innovative robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaners across the globe. The good thing is you can always contact the company centers for repair without spending pennies on repairing to ensure it clean your home regularly and lifelong.Picture4

While designing and inventing Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Aztech has invested heavily in innovative technology to come up with a product that is atypical in nature and clean home in an atypical fashion. With Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning gets the new dimension. It is no more a usual cleaning, which leaves dust particles and germs in the untouchable corners of the home.Picture5

Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does not only clean even the remotest corners, but also efficiently sterilizes most floor types; be it wooden, carpet, ceramic or marble. The fascinating robotic device is equipped with Automatic Suction Power and Height Adjustment to ensure each and every corner of the home gets thoroughly cleaned.Picture6

Aside from being capable of sweeping and mopping, the efficient robot vacuum cleaner from Aztech can also sterilize your floors through its Two-Way UV Sterilization, which disinfects and sterilizes both suction area and dustbin compartment. This feature works perfectly with its 3D Filter, which avoids suction blockage combined with HEPA for better filtration of smaller dirt particles, allergens, and other air pollutants.Capture4

This robotic appliance comes with its own Two-Way Virtual Wall feature, which allows you to keep Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner within a certain boundary. A Drop Sensor feature allows the robot cleaner to avoid drop areas such as stairs or other high-elevated areas to prevent damages or interruptions during operation.

aztech-smart-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-vc3000-1994-1133932-1-zoomThis tiny robot device doesn’t disturb you while cleaning, as it has a mute mode, and it can be scheduled for cleaning to ensure home gets clean without you moving the cleaner here and there. It is also equipped with Dark Area Cleaning Mode to ensure even the darkest parts of the home, such as store room, can effectively be cleaned.

Capture2Would you prefer to miss such an effective cleaning robot as a Christmas gift to your home-loving wife when it is offered with flat 48% discount by Lazada? We know you will not; so, go ahead and gift your wife something that is practical and something that help her reduce her worries about cleanliness at the home.