Fill the Fun in the World of your Kid with Solar Powered Robot Pattern Building Block Toy: 80% OFF at Lazada

Do you remember the second thought that struck your mind as soon as you became mom or dad? Obviously, the first thought must be inexpressible. Putting the second one in words, you must have committed to your newborn that it will get everything you could not. Each endeavor of parents is always unidirectional in ensuring the whole world at the disposal of their baby.sms_20151005160653_87165

Fun is what defines the world for your baby, and there is no better way of bringing a baby fun than gifting toys. Toys mean the world for the kid; however, today’s kids aren’t much into dolls and board puzzles. In real life excitement, kids would love to play with toys that are innovative, future-oriented, and highly entertaining.sms_20151005160707_71869

Gifts are never at the mercy of time, but if given on Christmas, it sends a positive message to the kids. Hence, SupaRobots comes up with a unique and its own kind gift for your baby that is designed not only to provide joyful times, but plays a vital role in flourishing crRobotativity in your baby. This solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes.Picture11

The toy kit is a proven future-driven toy kit, as uses no battery or electricity, but works thoroughly and efficiently on solar power. While giving an immense joy of building different models, teaches the importance of solar energy, its use, and benefits as well. Fourteen different working models including Turtle-bot, Walker-bot, Quadru-bot, Wheel-bot, Boat-bot, Beetle-bot, Dog-bot, Auto-bot, Crab-bot, Row-bot, Roly Poly-bot, Zombie-bot, Surf-bot, Slither-bot can be created through this fascinating robot kit.Picture10

This way, SupaRobot enables you to empower your kid with an imagination, creativity, and fun while learning the benefits of solar energy. The great robot gift offers endless power generated by the solar panel for your kid to indulge in entertainment as long as it wants. For you to be a true Santa Claus of your baby this Christmas, Lazada slashes the price by 80%. Let us bring some smile to your baby.