Your Home; Your Persona: AmTidy Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 31% OFF at Value Basket

Our home; like us, breathes with us and speaks for our character. Your persona is often influenced by the character your home reflects upon you. No matter how hard you try, the state of your home can’t be hidden away from the people, who judge you. Your dressing sense, your walking style and your oratory; all will have an imprint of how you are at your home.81OebigplNL._SL1500_

Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to have a knit and clean home, that have a shiny impact on your persona. However, in a changing work environment, where both the partners have to work for a comfortable life, cleanliness gets compromised. Office work, market hunting and cooking leave us with no time for cleaning.81P6RRNmqGL._SL1500_

Brace yourself, because everything is about to change with AmTidy Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner. AmTidy has designed really a revolutionary Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which has 4-in-1 Multifunction ability. Developed with a sleek design and advanced cleaning technology, AmTidy Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner simply does what you need it to do without any human input or control and is able to adapt to its surroundings.Capture2

4-in-1 Function empowers this little yet effective device for Sweeping, Vacuuming, Dry Mopping and Sanitizing the entire floor effortlessly. Besides, AmTidy Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with 4 modes; auto clean mode, spot clean mode, edge clean mode and scheduling mode that keep robot going without any human interventions.51gKHXrKcFLAmTidy Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a very slim design that enables it to clean under the bed, areas under the furniture and even those remote areas where a human hand is impossible to reach. The robotic floor cleaner is equipped with Cliff Sensor to adjust its directions upon arrival of the stairs.Capture3

Thoroughly equipped to adapt to the commands of the remote control, AmTidy Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with HEPA Filter, dust brush, side brush and mopping cloth take an effective fight to the dust and dirt, and clean the entire home smartly. Top of everything, this intelligent robot cleaner is cost effective, which comes with 31% discount from ValueBasket.