Sleep Number “It Bed” to Ensure Smart Sleeping Using Robotic Technology

It is quite usual among teenagers to have sleepless nights for the reasons uncountable. Given the high energy level during growing years, the sleep deficit is compensated. But, as you grow older and enter into your 30s, sleeping pattern and sleep deficit play a critical role in living a healthy life. However, it has been the most neglected aspect of personal life so far.3.13_Bundles_i8Primarily, we are unaware of our own sleeping pattern and secondly, we do not know how to correct it for having a restful sleep. It is then the technology steps in with the concept of “Smart Sleeping” in our life. Smart Sleeping is when a robotic technology tells you about your sleeping patterns, informs you about your body position and head position while you are sleeping. biometric sensors Keep you updated about your pulse rate, breathing rate, body temperature, and relative restfulness.i8-45-521x415-desktopYou are right, knowing all the essential aspects of the sleeping pattern isn’t a smart sleeping. There SupaRobots unboxes the magical mystery of Smart Sleeping. SupaRobots introduces you to “It Bed” designed by Sleep Number – the world’s one of the most tech-savvy and innovative leader in the permanent-use airbed industry.

‘It Bed’ is a combination of a bed base, which is equipped with robotic technology and a highly innovative mattresses that are equipped with SLEEPIQ Technology. The combination of robotic devices fixed in FLEXFIT 2 Bed Base and SLEEPIQ Technology infused in i8 Mattress creates a perfect environment for you to have the most comfortable and restful sleep. i8-45-layer-521x415-desktopIn this combination of technology begins your Smart Sleeping. While the robotic devices placed under your bed inform about body position and body parameters to i8 mattress, which with the help of the SLEEPIQ Technology, adjust the firmness of the mattress to offer much-needed comfort to your spinal cord. The i8 Mattress is one such smartly designed mattress, which adjusts the shape on both the sides of the mattress as well as at the head, at the center, and at the legs. i8-45-tick-521x415-desktopThe “It Bed” is also equipped with biometric sensors to automatically adjust the temperature of your bed, and release the unwanted heat from the surface of the mattress to build a perfect temperature in which sleep can be deep and prolonged. A simple remote control connected with the SLEEPIQ Technology remembers your sleeping patterns and guides the bed and mattress to gain the shape that is most comfortable for you during the sleep.
i8-FT-521x415-desktopInstead of “one-size-fits-all” mattresses, Sleep Number comes with a mattress that is specifically made to your sleeping patterns and increases the personalized sleeping experience. No matter how fuzzier your sleeping pattern is, ‘It Bed’ ensures you wake up fully refreshed and with senses fully revitalized.

With ‘It Bed’, you require only one button to adjust anything and everything for a restful night. The robotic bed is also equipped with the whisper-quiet operation, which ensures that virtually nothing can disturb your sleep. So, if you are a savvy online shopping expert and care for the smart living, the Sleep Number ‘It Bed’ is nothing less than a dream come true.
So, here SupaRobots offers you a perfect opportunity to take a complete control of your sleep and sleeping habits by embracing the concept of smart sleeping.