Stay Safe, keep Everything secure using Remote Control Robot Tank: 81% Off at Ensogo

Whether you argue against it quoting NSA program of the US or you argue in favor quoting Mumbai and Paris terror attacks, the fact is, ‘surveillance’ is becoming an integral part of human life in the 21st century. CCTV cameras are the most families things we know when we talk about surveillance. However, a British report suggested that CCTVs aren’t an adequate tool for crime detection.deal_boxIf we leave the broader picture and investigate the micro scenario, it disappoints us knowing that our home, offices and shops aren’t safe and are in a need of constant surveillance. And when CCTVs are passé, SupaRobots comes up with highly sophisticated and high-tech robotic surveillance device to offer you the liberty to move freely and protect your properties and belongings more securely. deal_box (3)Remote Control Robot Tank is a brand new innovation in the field of internal security that reduces the possibilities of your home, office or a shop falling to the evil ideas of anti-social elements. The robot tank is a spy tank that is equipped with a video capturing camera. This remote-controlled robotic device is laced with WiFi and it is extremely easy to operate using your iPhone or iPad.deal_box (1)The Remote Control Robot Tank comes with built-in Mic that transmits sound back to your device in a real time. The highly powerful camera can be adjusted manually as well as using the remote control, which is capable of live streaming the videos and still photos. The best part is, Remote Control Robot Tank is laced with a night vision device, which allows you to see things in dark even.61ievGRglML._SL1010_Highly efficient robot camera can travel within the area of 200 sqft and generate its own wireless connection. Using the driving arrow on your iPhone screen, you can steer the robot tank in whichever direction you want. With Remote Control Robot Tank, you would be able to see in and around areas right on the screen on your mobile and can alert the police against any mischief. To empower you with highly technologically advanced robot surveillance device, Ensogo reduces the prices by 81%.