Take Fun Rides of the Alien’s World with Channel RC Robotic UFO Helicopter

0003690_happy-cow-robotic-ufo-flying-ball-w-gyro-3-channelIt’s high time now that the scientists across the globe should find the exact location of Aliens, or else, SupaRobots would bring all of them on the earth in a single UFO. Okay, we are kidding only. We may not have a UFO or any hint of it for our scientists, for the grand surprise to our global kids, we certainly have a UFO that would unleash upon them the incalculable amount of fun and entertainment, nonetheless.

deal_box (2)SupaRobots provides you an opportunity to introduce your kids to the whole new world of entertainment and infotainment with Channel designed and developed RC Robotic UFO Helicopter. Honestly, if you have a keen desire for your kids to be global babies rather than crying babies, this smart robotic piece would amuse your kid to the hilt and unveil unstoppable sessions of fun. If we young get fascinated with the term UFO, this real UFO toy would win your kid over.

61gH867QguL._SL1001_Looking at the picture of this Robotic UFO Helicopter, you may think of it being breakable, but this is Channel creation, which has excelled in designing the robotic devices and helicopter toys with utmost precision and great durability. Made of a ‘soft’ plastic, this robotic UFO does not give into your experiment of crashing it hundred times.


logoIf you listen to the reviews, you will realize this Robotic UFO Helicopter has gee-whiz factor greater than many other realistic scale models. The onboard battery offers greater durability and more than that offers great flying time for your kid to feel amazed and fun-filled. Instructions may be in Chinese, but it is absolutely easy to fly this fascinating robotic toy.

deal_box (1)This incredible flying UFO will take all your knocks, bangs and crashes whilst learn to fly. The 3.5 channel controller can accurately move this around the sky. Channel RC Robotic UFO Helicopter is equipped with fully-functional Infrared and Gyro sensors to accurately move this around the sky. It can hover like a helicopter and it can maneuver around any interior room with amazing precision and agility. Thanks to its design, it simply bounces off and just keeps on flying, when it comes in touch with any other object.

You must be worried about the price as this is Robotic UFO Helicopter, but least you worry, as Ensogo has slashed the price by 80%. So let your kid learn about UFOs while extracting the maximum fun from this flying robot, you never know, your kid may discover some aliens in the future.