Let Your Kid Be Creatively Superior With Wireless Battle Robot Toy

wireless-remote-interaction-battle-robot-toy-black-8532-042763-2-zoomThis has been the usual scenario in every household. Whenever kids demand something of their liking, the parents ruled their demands out terming them unnecessary expenses. Come on guys, have you ever calculated the amount you waste every month on things which barely have any positive impact on your life and wellbeing? Compared to those wasteful expenses, the demand for a toy from a kid costs peanuts.

$_57Especially, if you are a Singaporean parent, Lazada brings you a mesmerizing array of gen-next robotic toys, which are laced with advanced technology to not only bring fun and excitement to your growing kids but also stimulate their imagination, creativity, and attentiveness. That’s not all, SupaRobots ensures that you get all of those toys at a highly discounted price from Lazada.

$_57(2)It is only a surprise if your kid would not demand robotic toy that protects, fights, punches, kicks, and boxes. More surprising if you deny this fascinating robot to your kid which is available at Lazada with 20% discount. Wireless Battle Robot Toy is equipped with a 2.4 GHz wireless motion-activated controller, has an integrated speaker for realistic sound effects as well as a charging dock for the robot.

$_57(2)You kid will be able to control each punch, box, and kick with a wireless motion radio controller equipped remote control. More fascinating is that this Robot toy registers impact hits to the head. It is also equipped with quick charger on the controller to give an additional boost to the batteries to enjoy the play for longer time. Around 30 robots can participate in the boxing match. During the battle, the LED Damage Meter indicates how much life the robot has left.

$_57(3)So, the ideal way is to take charge of the wasteful expenditure and save some good money to bring a smile on the face of your kid by bringing him the toy that he adores and love to indulge in the fun with.