Take a Step Towards Future with Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Charging Dock

Let’s turn imagination into reality today. Every one of us wants our mobile devices never run out of battery and we keep on playing with them endlessly. While we are yet to reach to the future, SupaRobots introduces you to the most cutting age robot technology that would ensure your Apple iPad keeps on charging without being connected to dock or charger.Double Robotics designed and developed Telepresence Robot Charging Dock isn’t only meant for charging your iPad, but it gives you a first step on the ladder to the future of internet connectivity. Telepresence Robot Charging Dock is a part of Double 2, which helps telecommuters feel more connected to their colleagues by giving them a physical presence in the office, classroom, or conference.medium_dock-sideTelepresence Robot Charging Dock is compatible with all Double robots, which charges Double 2 Robot and simultaneously charges your iPad as well. Using the Double 2 mounted with your iPad, you can drive this amazing robotic device anywhere within the premises and communicate with friends and colleagues in real time giving them the real experience. double-robotics-audio-kit-4All you need to do is to install the AC adapter inside the charging dock prior to activating the charging dock. Plug the round barrel plug into the jack in the center of the rubber base and the other end of the power cord into the dock. Now you are free to roam anywhere while being in touch with everyone that matters in the office or at the home. medium_dock-frontThe best way to use the Double 2 along with the charging dock is to always keep Double in the Charging Dock and the iPad screen on when it’s not in use. Double 2 is designed to reduce the burden on keep remembering the things you need to do at a scheduled time. Double takes everything you love about video calls on an iPad and places that on a mobile base that puts the remote worker in control.Picture1By combining cutting-edge technology with an intuitive, elegant design, Double is the ultimate tool for telecommuters. Remote connectivity is the future of the world and Double 2 with robot charging dock gives you an opportunity to take a first step towards the future.