Let Your Kids Get Indulge In Technology With Intelligent Remote Control Self Balance Balancing Kib Robot

Every great sci-fi movie for kids has a great robot, you might have noticed but past few decades they have had focused on some great robots like Wall-e, Ironman and more. And they’re popular among kids, after all, they’re cool. Robot toys are the best gift you can give to any child. They’ve replaced the toys that we used to play with back in time. And if your child seems to be amazed by robotics and things you can control with remote then it’s a time to surprise them a unique gift.

1Let your kid have some fun and at the same time, he’ll be introducing himself a new technology too. Suparobots recommend you trying Intelligent Remote Control Self Balance Balancing Kib Robot. It has a cute design and intelligence functions.

Don’t you want your baby to remain busy in playing so that you can finish off your work? Yes? Then introduce them with Intelligent Remote Control Self Balance Balancing Kib Robot comes with some fascinating features like drive, dancing, boxing, gesture control and balance.

3It performs a variety of activities with balancing on its two wheels. It can be controlled via hand gestures detected by its LED eyes IR transmitters and respond to forward, backward, turn left and right. Keeping remote with you will not be necessary as it can easily control by hand gestures.

4Something about robots and dancing with music always makes kids smile. If your kids have a fantasy to host a boxing match, then get two robots and organize a boxing match. The size is so small that they’ll always keep their favorite robot toy with them. And when they’re making any project or in their study time, your children can easily exchange things without moving from their place with the help of this robot toy’s feature of balancing.

2Let your baby play with it as much as he wants because it has a rechargeable battery of 600mAH. And when the battery dies, plug it on for 90-120 minutes to recharge it.

It is great robot gift to present on this New Year to your little one, to get them indulge in a technology. Get robot toys online at Lazada that offers you it at a massive markdown of 68% at Intelligent Remote Control Self Balance Balancing Kib Robot.