Assure Your Home’s Safety While You Away With These Home Security Robots!

In this technology-driven era, you will find thousands of products loaded with awesome features are being introduced in the markets every now and then. Among many, there is an endless number of option available for you choose from when it comes to robotic products.

Robotic products are becoming a part of our life slowly and gradually. Todays, all the robotic products are invented with an aim of making our life easier and simpler. Be its robotic vacuum cleaners or home security robots or even robot toys, each one of it is meant for making our life simpler.


Suparobots presents you with a complete information about all the latest and coolest security robots that you must consider while purchasing one for your home.

Get Your Hands On These Really Cool Security Robots Assuring Smart Robotic Home Assistance!

Smart Home Security Robot!


Get this 21st century, coolest robotic security system to your home for a smarter home assistance. Facial recognition, intelligent sound and motion detection, this smart home security robot is loaded with unique security features. Anything suspicious detected by the robot, a notification is sent to your smartphone immediately. With the help of AI module, the robot picks up the user’s preferences and learns the user’s habits to make their life easier.

WiFi-Enabled Home Monitoring Robot!


Now, transfer all your worries of your home security while you are away, to this latest technology robotic product. A WiFi enabled home monitoring robot acts as surveillance eyes that roam around the home using its highly-durable tracks that can handle almost every surface, be it grass, tile or carpet. This home monitoring robot-

  • Remains connected the WiFi network of your home
  • Constantly transmit live videos of HD quality directly to your mobile phones.
  • Its 5 mp camera captures ultra clear and crisp images.
  • On detecting any kind of suspicious motion, the robot instantly pings you a notification on your smartphone.

Personal Assitance Surveillance Robot!


To keep that extra set of eyes on your personal stuff and surroundings, you surely need to buy this yet another widely popular and highly-durable interactive surveillance robot for yourself. Comprising of high-tech features, this personal assistance surveillance robot is both delightful and informative as it accesses on Linux.

Being an interactive voice robot, this personal assistance surveillance robotic product uses its human-like eyelid’s expression to communicate. Furthermore, it’s inbuilt 1080p camera greatly achieves close monitoring.

A Robotic Ball! Not Just Meant For Having Fun!


Yet another home security robotic products, you must be considering while ensuring home safety is simply buying a robotic ball, the latest technology which is more than just a ball to play with. This robotic ball is infused with a security camera that captures all the action near it, without letting the people know that they are being taped. Motion & sound detection, room mapping, safe cloud storage, night vision and smartphone & tablet compatibility are some of the added features of this robotic gadget.

So, get these awesome security systems to your home and assure ultimate home security while you are away.