Awesome Robotic Gadgets To Splurge On In 2018!

With constant changes in the technologuical and digital world taking place, we are blessed with a lot of wonderful and high-tech gadgets that not only make our life simpler but add some luxuries also. From big to small to extremely mini robots, there are thousands of robotic products available in the market of different sizes, shapes, designs and with different functionalities.

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of top must-have robotic gadgets which you must own in 2018. From an interactive robot to massage robot to gaming robots, today technological has provided robotic items of all types. Whether you are buying a robot gadget for yourself or for your kids or even for your parents, you will find a robotic product for everyone in the market.

Given below are top trending robot gadgets which you can buy from a reliable online shopping portal at a reasonable rate. Check out the list-



Honeybot is an educative, interactive home robot featured with multiple functions. Costing almost less than a textbook, Honeybot is a great new way of enabling parents to educate as well as spend time with their kids. Get this high-tech robotic gadget to your home, and let your children enjoy watching varied animated videos on the screen.



An intelligent health companion for your home, Pillo is yet another must-have robotic gadget that can help you manage your medications, re-order medications, answer all your medical questions, notify your family members whenever any medication is missing and even connects to your doctor directly.



A robotic little guy, Cozmo is a mini high-tech robot with a mind of his own. It is a real-life robot just like you will see in movies, with the one-of-its-kind personality that evolves more, the more you hang out with it. It hudges you to play with him and keep you constantly busy. In short, get this robotic gadget for your home, which can be a great accomplice to your fun.

WheeMe Massage Robot!


WheeMe massage robot is yet another must-have mini robotic gadget that uses tilt sensor technology to automatically steer itself over your body without falling off. It is easy to use as it does not require any kind of assistance or adjustments for operating. It operates on its own on just a push of a button.



A very cute and unique robotic gadget that looks like a normal furry ball, but it is a mini vacuum cleaner under a furry cover. It is a furry vacuum cleaner in a ball shape that rolls all around the house cleaning up all the dirt on its own. The robotic vacuum cleaner ball works best on vinyl and wooden floors. There is an internal timer and it is very easy to clean.



Ozobot is a smart miniature robot that reacts to patterns, colors, and lines on both digital as well as physical surfaces. Draw labyrinths with varied colors on print mazes, paths, and paper for the robot to explore. You can even download the free mobile app of Ozobot and simply place the robot right on the screen to play with it. The robot also features two independent micro-motors and a color optical sensing module.

And that’s a wrap to the must-have robotic gadget in 2018. You can enjoy added savings and discounts while buying the above-mentioned robotic gadgets by using Currys voucher codes.