3 Popular Robots That Proved to be Ideal Servants for their Owners

While we are progressing toward a field of technology that explores the realms of Artificial Intelligence, we are also finding a repulsive thrust coming from certain sections of society which believe Robots will make human beings jobless. The introduction of machines during the industrial revolution also showed a similar kind of criticism when it was being argued that machines were going to devour the occupation of most people and leave them hopeless in despair and unemployment. But it was all proven wrong with time as new opportunities were generated, new fields were explored and the scope of new employments gradually took the changes.

Although one has to accept the fact the machines are tireless workers which can be really productive in so many different ways. There are various attributes of Robotics which have evolved out of the idea of machines and maximize the productivity by manifolds. The robots and gadgets are gradually becoming a part of our daily lives and every human being irrespective of their opinion is getting the technology to work for them. If you want to get the latest gadgets and technologic devices, use these Tomtop Voucher Codes and avail exciting discount offers on your purchase.

Coming back to the topic, let us now take a look at the 3 of the most ideal Robotic devices that we have ever witnessed.


schaftThis is a humanoid robot which has been prepared to perform extremely autonomous tasks that require strength. The Schaft has been equipped with power that could be roughly equated to ten men. It has been especially useful in the disasters to navigate through and make way for the rescue team. This Robot has the ability to lift heavy items and clear trash or debris which helps it in clearing the way. The designing of this Robot with long torso and arms make it easily movable and it can walk at a pace of 2-3 kilometres per hour. The Robot has been fitted with an additional innovative motor that helps it produce those movements in an articulate way. This Robot became a popular name in the world of Robotics after it won the prize of best Robot in a Robotics Challenge organized by Google.

Curiosity Rover

curiosityThis special device was invented for exploration of the planet Mars and it was prepared specifically to determine the habitat of Mars in order to ascertain the possibilities of life to exist on its surface. This Robot was named Curiosity Rover because of the wheeled structure that helped it move from one place to the other on the surface of Mars. This is undeniably the most heroic inventions in the field of Robotics. This Robot was individually carrying out an entire task on its own which included aking the photographs of the Mars surface and collect information about its atmosphere and other constituent elements and send that information to the NASA for further analysis.


roombaThe Roomba Robot was prepared with a sole purpose of cleanness. It is an automatic vacuum cleaner which does its job with intelligence second to none. The Robot was invented to do household cleaning and other related activities. The Robot is equipped with sensors that help it work more safely and intelligently. Some key features of this Robot are its ability to change directions in front of obstacles, special detecting potential of identifying dirtiness, ability to go up and down on the stairs and the smartness to auto charge itself whenever the battery goes down. There are numerous other models being worked on to perform some other purposes too.