3 Wearable Tech Gadgets of the Year That You Must Try

Every year, technology advances and new tech devices replace the older ones. There are a plethora of new products and technologies that are launched every year but only a few could get the desired success in the market.  The rest keep working on their weakness for a better version or get dumped by the market.

There are a lot of such devices that were launched in 2018 and you should probably try a few successful ones. You can buy the latest tech devices and household gadgets using these Currys PC World promo codes and avail incredible discounts on your purchase. Here are 3 most useful gadgets developed in this year that would make your life easier

Apple Watch 3.0

Apple Watch 3.0There is one intriguing thing about Apple that it didn’t invent either mobile or smartwatch and yet it has innovated both these gadgets and took them to a different level altogether.  The smartwatch 3 by Apple is the most productive wearable smartwatch that you can find in the market right. It could do amazing functions and is loaded with enough features that come in handy in day to day life such as GPS tracker, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, Music Player, Voice assistance and control, app management and much more. The premium design, bright vibrant screen and waterproof body make this a complete tech wearable.

Virtual Reality Headset and Controller

Virtual Reality Headset and ControllerThis device was first introduced in the year 2016 and it was a sensation, to say the least. The idea which this device explored could turn the digital screen viewing experience and virtual graphics control to a new level altogether. The VR headset back then established a promising future but it was not till this year when we actually got one of the most accomplished VR devices that includes a headset and controller. While a few people are misinformed about the limit of VR Headset and controller to only gaming, the techies know how much potential this gadget actually has. The VR headset Rift launched in this year was a major improvement and you have to experience it to believe how good it is. The amazing audio quality and visual clarity of this headset serve a uniquely immersive experience for the users.

Kidizoom Action Cam

Kidizoom Action CamThe importance of the camera has increased to a remarkable extent in present times and the way in which video content is shaping our world, there is no doubt about its even brighter future ahead. This is a time when even children are doing vlogs and capturing most of the things on camera. In such circumstances, it could not be possibly denied that the present camera doesn’t have the sturdiness to take a few hits while shooting own actions. This Kidizoom Action Cam is a great innovation that is made to handle all the rough conditions without any physical damage and continues to do the same job with the same proficiency till the charge allow it to. This camera is a great option for such people who love adventures and like it even better if recorded in the camera.