4 Most Unusual Technology Inventions Of 2018!

As we are coming closer to the end of the year, thereby, here we take a close look at some technology inventions of 2018 that has become the most unusual inventions too.

The fact of today is that the world is moving at its fastest pace and when it comes to technological advancement then it is certainly winning all over places. It is that time and generation where those who do not compete with the new inventions and robotic advancement might lag behind. Robots have definitely taken over the factories and children having Artificial Intelligence nannies is now no more news, but if we look behind the year 2018 and how widely it has become the most popular year as the technology progression leading to all these things go on the mass market.

Below we have shared some great insight on most astonishing tech innovations of the year 2018. So, before you step into the next year, look at the most grateful tech gadgets of the last year.

Crypto Anchors


Crypto anchors are the latest digital footprints that help many companies as well as many ordinary consumers on their product’s authenticity. The smaller the computer or codes computer, the better is the product itself tied to the blockchain. The blockchain saves the digital info about the product and carries out the identification of the product’s association.

Crypto anchors posses sensors and algorithms which cannot be tampered with. This innovative technology helps the world economy by protecting billions of dollars lost due to various deceitful practices. Furthermore, it also helps people to feel secure about their product and not to spend their money in hollow.

Omron Robots


You should know that if you are a factory worker then your reputation in the modern world is quite precious. As we know that many workers are being replaced by robots but the only thing that is saving their job is the costliness of robots’ purchase and sustenance in contrast to people’s salaries, especially those who live in poorer countries.

Omron robots are astounding innovation as it just not helps in lifting heavy objects and increase its speed but also it helps in easy navigation of the environment. Their sensors let them identify gadgets and change their course accordingly.

AI Microscopes

3D microscope - IBM 5 in 5

Now, many scientists have started considering AI robotic microscopes and how to study during the underwater life. This also pays close attention to plankton which is responsible for water’s quality.

The new invention AI microscopes can easily control the sea species 24/7, take pictures and also provide valuable data. The technology is utilized effectively and also easily monitors the life of sea in real-time, which help in making an easy solution.



You might have heard about fingerprint and know that how horribly they are unreliable and can be easily hacked by a special printer. This has inspired many scientists from Descartes Biometrics to promote a new association device known as the earprint. To use it, you need to download special software on your phone. It transmits the sound in your ear which is then return back through the echo. The echo range differs from person to person.

The year 2018 has been a full year of technology and AI. We hope that the next year 2019 will bring more innovation that will breakthrough technology to daily-use appliances.  To shop some more high-level gadgets and technological advancements then go online and shop from Activ Instinct and enjoy great discount.