4 Modern Technologies Inventions We Have Thank To Robotics!

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Robotics and its regular updates have helped us in seeing new advanced technology and also hope to see further developments.

In the past three years, we have welcomed some really great automated machines that have helped us in many ways and still running with success.

One can clearly say that robotic is that field of science and research field that is making efforts only to ease our life and also in contributing new knowledge to those fields. From the smart tech speakers, Segways, to drones; these technologies are making us dependent and making us robotic in a sense.

Also, it can be hard to say what are the plans of the future for technology. The whole concept of technology is robotic! What if Robots didn’t exist as Robotics “takes” more from some research fields than it “gives back”.

There are few technologies that have seen great hike and has influenced the people greatly. Here are few modern technologies that have already become the talk of the town and has curated a lot of bus for the past three years!

1. Inverted Pendulums (Segways)

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These days, it is common to see everyone riding on Segways. From tourists to security guards, the Segways have become the talk of the nation and world. This Inverted pendulum has been since 2001 but now it has been “re-branded” as the Segway of which recognition is given to the battery powered vehicle and its successors.

But even though it has been since 2001 but none has realized its importance as a commercial point of view. We never know how many simple robotic concepts are just waiting to become popular as commercial ideas?

2. LiDAR and 3D scanning


LiDAR arose from the word “light” and “RADAR”.  It is one of the latest inventions that offers a line of wave-based range sensors, with its predecessors: RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) and SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging).

It utilizes the light beams, lasers, creates high-resolution 3D maps and detects the distance of the target through the sensors.

The researchers have found that this would be ideal to address the challenges which are different from robotics, like how to detect objects from point clouds or how to manipulate the objects with robots. These challenges serve the purpose of original researchers of LiDAR technology. Thereby, this has helped robotic researchers contributing to utilizing it for engineering problems into commercial products.

3. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)

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Another technology, drones have paved its own way. Drones are the best example of a long-standing robotic technology that has been specifically been used by commercial purposes. Drones (known as, unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) are flying robots and helps in inspecting and controlling the technology. The drones use is wider than you think including sensing, computer vision and navigation.

This development clearly reveals that robotic research has entered into the commercial arena and we wonder what will be next?

4. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

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SLAM came into existence to create a map of robot-environment by simultaneously calculating the robot environment and is a great classic example that has now moved into the consumer world with Roomba and robotic vacuums cleaners that allows cleaning of the house easily and locating itself in the room.

With automatic cars, warehouse robots and location-based mobile applications on the rise, SLAM is becoming a pervasive need in the modern world.

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