3 AI Based Technologies that You Use in Your Daily Life

The whole world is debating about the possible consequences of the increasing role Artificial Technology on the human life. But as this debate started, one thing that many of the people who are against the AI have unknowingly accepted and adopted it in their daily lifestyle. The fact that they are using some certain tech operations which are using the AI to enhance their experience with that particular task. Today let us explore 3 such technologies that we are using but fail to acknowledge the influence of AI on the performance and routine experience of using those technologies.

Banking and Finance

Do you know the banking industry has incorporated significant AI based customization in their processes? If you have realized it or not but the banking has transformed into an effortlessly fluent and simple experience for the bank customers. The conditions of the banking operations and transactions used to consume much higher time to do the same tasks as it does within seconds at present. To be precise, most of the banking transactions are being performed by the AI based programs and the role of the bank is now limited to allowing the access and vigilantly keep the track of the transaction in order to ensure everything is happening as it is ought to. In the same way there are specially designed programs based on AI which are used for fraud protection and other investment related works.

Online Ads Network

Have you ever wondered why does the advertising which you see on your computer or smartphone is usually on point about the thing you are searching for. This is due to the AI based intelligent statistical analysis which is done by an advertising network in order to acquire certain relevant information from your device and then places the advertisement on your surfing page accordingly. This could be used in both positive and negative ways depending upon the nature of the company using that information.

Security and Surveillance

The security and surveillance has been a question which is quite recurring in the tech industry. Many people place it as an ethical use of tracking a person when needed but those against it give argument that it can be misused to potentially disturbing extents. So I would better not get into an argument that even the greatest tech experts are divided on and rather go into the technology it uses to help us. Today the security systems are well-equipped with AI and can identify any object or face once it gets in its recognition. This technology helps to monitor the security of a place and surveillance for finding any potential threat well ahead of time to give us time for preparation in dealing with it. If you wish to use AI based gadgets, you purchase them using these Currys PC World Voucher Codes and avail exclusive discounts.