4 Coolest New Gadgets to Look Forward to This Year

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A bunch of new gadgets debuted this year in CES. Here’s some we are most excited about.

At this point, we are just one or two-step away from becoming the robot. With the daily invention and innovation in technology, we will soon be a fully dependent person on Artificial Intelligence. Once all the smart cool gadgets reach our homes, we will be fully integrated with technology.

In January 2019, a massive 2019 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) convention in Las Vegas was held where it showcased elite consumer brands and their best tech products that have made the tech world fully captivated. Many consumers were drifted and amazed to see such high tech brands’ products that they want to put in their houses and use them. All those products will soon be hitting the market and even some have already created a sensation with its arrival.

Look below four among those cool technology gadgets which you can even buy it for yourself. Buy or book these latest gadgets in the market now using Curry PC World discount code and expect great value in return.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

If you enjoy listening fast music on the go then this is the latest gadget you can give a try on. It is basically a wireless speaker that unctions with WiFi as well as Bluetooth having a delicate, beguiling tone that attracts the listeners.

Look wise, this is similar like Florence Nightingale was it carry a glass cylinder having a light at its base.

Panasonic GZ2000 4K OLED TV

This is by far the recent and most advanced TV launched at CES along with having close competition with LG rollable TV that offers pretty impressive features also the Samsung 219-inch micro-LED screen is appropriately enough as it contains great features.

But if you want the Panasonic, you can totally trust it as it doesn’t cost you much as compared the benefits and features it is offering. The GZ2000 model is the revelatory offer quality images with outstanding performance over its previous models.

Technics SL-1210 turntable

Another tech gadgets designed for DJs is the seventies, Technics turntable. IThis is specifically because of popular and highly praised gadget in the CES because it is well built, very reliable and easy to use. There have been several updates we are hearing about this gadget but this is the first one for almost a decade.

The new model is ultra cool that features the capability to spin the disc in the opposite direction making pleasing features such as a long-life white LED display on the stylus tip when you are using it on dim or no light.

Royole FlexPai folding smartphone

Have you ever imagined your mobile phone getting folded like your handkerchief? With this Royole FlexiPai, you can easily enjoy the flexible screen that easily gets folded and become a tablet. This gadget was very popular in Vegas on CES show.

Though there are certain issues with this folding phone such as its aspect ratio. The display of regular size when unfolded looks square and when folded it becomes like a tablet which requires larger display than-usual display when in phone mode.

Hope these above 2019 new gadgets have stunned you with its features. If you want to use these functionality with your own hands then buy it now online using Electrical Showroom discount code and enjoy discount on your purchase.