Smart Home Robotic Items To Buy In 2019

As technology is advancing exponentially, there will soon be a time when our lives will be totally dependent on robots or machine. With the advent of artificial intelligence today, humankind work or chores are wiping out very fast. Today, almost all high-tech homes have some or the other AI robotic items that does their chores for them.

As we know home automation has come a long way ever since it was introduced, today, you will find automated cleaners, lawn movers, dishwashers, etc., that are always up for your service to get the daily household chores done. And this is why it has become mandatory for high-tech home owners to get home robots for their home to maintain its automation.

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So, if you also wish to upgrade your home into a smart one and wish to infuse Artificial Intelligence robotic products to your home then read on the following must-have home robotic products that are introduced in the market recently.

Start scrolling down to read more about the products and their high-end features-

1 # Pepper by SoftBank Robotics!

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Pepper is a human looking robot designed to recognize human emotions. The robot determines your emotions and react accordingly with the appropriate mood. It is a great companion at home as it listens to your, react to your expressions and reply to your queries accordingly.

2 # Asus Zenbo!

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Zenbo is a mobile robot designed to provide assistance, companionship as well as entertainment to you whenever needed. While the smart home robot learns and adapts things accordingly to your and shares emotions depending on your mood, it is also helpful in controlling home devices. It is compatible to almost all smart home devices and functions accordingly. The smart robot is designed to act as a reminder and a security system for your home when you are away. Zenbo can even read stories for your kids to entertain them.

3 # LG Hub Robot!

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The Alexa-powered smart home robot, LG Hub is another must-have robotic product in your home which is designed to respond to your motion with nods and simple gestures. Not just this, it can turn on your home appliances on your command and can entertain wherever you want. It has an interactive display screen that displays messages, photos and videos. The hub has multiple face recognition features and it can recognize different family members and fulfill their demand whenever they want.

4 # Roomba 980!

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If house cleaning is a big task for you to do, then Roomba 980 can be your best home companion. The smart Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is an automated vacuum cleaner that can be connect to Android applications with ease. You can easily command this robot cleaner via smartphone app and it will do all the cleaning work for and return to its charging station automatically. Moreover, robotic cleaner from Roomba are available at comparatively cheaper rates.

So, these are some of most useful and high-tech home robotic products that every home should have. Moreover, these robotic products can easily transform your home into a smart home.